Host a Hand-Casting Party!


Host a family hand-casting party and you could receive your family’s casting for free!  No matter what, everyone who attends will receive a discount, a unique experience and a touching family heirloom sculpture! If you live in the greater Columbia area (*see below if you live outside of our travel area), here’s how it works:

--You invite your guests, and we come to you!  We do all of the mold-making the day of the party, take the molds back to our studio near Columbia, SC, and complete the castings in about 2-4 weeks’ time, depending on the number of casts.  We can come to a private home, a church or other spiritual center, or a civic center.  Wherever you can throw a party, we can be there! We just need access to water.

Finished castings will all be delivered back to the host party location. Again, if you live outside of the Columbia area, please see below*.

--No matter how many people attend your party and commit to a casting, host and attendees automatically receive 20% off any family hand-casting at the time of the party.  Offer is not good after the party or at another time.

--If two families (besides the host family; three families in all including host family) commit to a casting, the host family receives 30% off one family hand-casting.   If three families (besides the host family; four families in all) commit to a casting, the host receives 40% off one family hand-casting.  This trend continues with 50% off for the host, if four families besides the host family commits.  If the host family can get five other families to commit to a casting, the host family’s casting is completely free!

--It doesn’t matter how many hands each family wants to cast (though beyond 5 hands, it begins to get logistically difficult from a mold-making perspective), all the discounted rates still apply!  Mommy (or Daddy) and Me casts; Anniversary casts between spouses; Family knot casts with parents and children, siblings, and multiple generations are just some of the possibilities.

Keep in mind, children will need to be old enough to sit relatively still for about 30 minutes in all-- having a tablet or something to otherwise occupy small children works well.  Babies can be tricky, but if they are sound sleepers, castings can be done while they snooze.  Calmer babies’ hands or feet can be dipped while Mom or Dad holds them.  These castings take a little less time.  We give it three tries, and if after the third shot, baby is too squirmy we suggest rescheduling when baby may be calmer.

*The greater Columbia area to us refers to any place within a 20 mile drive of Columbia, SC.  We are willing to travel to just about anywhere in the state of South Carolina, but a travel fee, to and from will apply. The standard rate is about 54 cents a mile.  For example, if you live 50 miles from us, the rate for traveling to you is $27, and back is $27, for a total of $54.  This fee can be split among all the families, or however you desire to handle it as host.  Attendees can get their finished castings in a number of ways—we can ship (prepaid only), a trip to meet us in Columbia, SC, or the families can split another travel fee for delivery of all finished castings back to the host party location.